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As such, there are no specific pre-requirements to enroll for Guidewire Certification. Anyone who wishes to build their career in this futuristic platform can join for this.

Guidewire Course Overview

Become a Certified Guidewire professional by enrolling in SVTechhub Guidewire Training. To simplify your path in learning Guidewire and to make you industry professional, we follow experts designed course curriculum. This Guidewire course covers all the fundamental concepts such as Guidewire applications, policy center, claim center, billing center, etc. Our Experienced instructors will help you with real-time examples. Enroll now in Guidewire training and get certified.

About Guidewire Course

The Guidewire is a software suite that brings efficiency in managing the property and insurance markets. It has developed to operate tasks in the Insurance segment such as Insurance operation, Policy administration, claim settlements, underwriting and billing. Guidewire has changed the face of the insurance industry compared to traditional systems. It helps organizations in achieving the maximum ROI and flexible enough to cope up with the changing markets.

The Guidewire Software Suite comprises Core operations, data & analytics and digital engagement. You can deploy these products in the cloud or on-premises according to your requirements. The Guidewire insurance suite takes care of the transactional system of records. And the Guidewire data & analytics platform helps the insurers effective use of data to make sound decisions and have a complete awareness of market trends. Guidewire digital portal contains information regarding digital sales, claim management and service.

Guidewire Course Objectives  

Q) What are the objectives of Guidewire online training?

In our Svtechhub’s Guidewire training, you will learn about:

  • Introduction to Guidewire Fundamental concepts
  • Learn Guidewire configuration and terminology
  • Gain knowledge on various business prototypes
  • Procedure to organize a Claim center
  • Learn how to deploy Guidewire policies
Q) Why should you learn Guidewire to grow your career?
  • Insurance companies across the world are opting Guidewire software to make their process innovative and quicker
  • To operate and manage Guidewire, insurance organizations are looking for certified guidewire professionals.
  • The salaries paid to Guidewire professionals is very high. According to glassdoor average salary is $181000 per annum.
Q) What are the Job roles available after completion of Guidewire training?
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior implementation Architect
  • Implementation Architect
  • AQ Engineer
  • Senior Implementation consultant
  • Integration architect
  • Senior Product manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Senior support engineer

Q) What will you learn in this Guidewire training?

Upon the completion of this course, you will become an expert in the below concepts.

  • How to use a guidewire to grab the maximum customer segment?
  • Complete claims Lifecycle management
  • Managing different Adjudication Processes
  • The process of filing report on loss-report intake
  • Expertise in tracking the complete financial data related to claims related.

Guidewire Table of Content

Week 1:

  • Introduction to Configuration
  • Data Model
  • Entities
  • Extension
  • PCF
  • Client Side Behaviour
  • Server Side Behaviour

Week 2:

  • PolicyCenter
  • PolicyCenter product architecture
  • PolicyCenter implementation tasks
  • The PolicyCenter User Interface
  • Logging In
  • Sections of the user interface
  • Screen hierarchy
  • Editing data
  • Localization
  • The Policy File
  • PolicyCenter data model
  • Searching for policies
  • Policy contract data
  • Policy Transactions
  • Policy transactions
  • Jobs
  • Representing policies
  • Viewing policies
  • Accounts
  • Account basics
  • Viewing account data
  • Working with accounts
  • Account participants
  • Account contacts
  • Account locations
  • PolicyCenter entities
  • Account-related entities
  • Policy Transactions
  • Jobs Representing policies
  • Policy transaction graphs

Week 3:

  • PolicyCenter data model
  • PolicyCenter user interface
  • PolicyCenter rules
  • PolicyCenter development mode
  • Configuring Location Groups and Pages
  • Location group and page basics
  • Location group configuration
  • Page configuration
  • Configuring Job Wizards
  • JobWizard basics
  • JobWizard configuration
  • JobWizardStep configuration

Week 4:

  • Contacts and Locations
  • Contacts overview
  • Extending the contact data model
  • Adding a new contact role
  • Locations overview
  • Concepts of Revisioning Contact and Location Information
  • Sharing and revisioning basics
  • Revisioning contact information
  • Introduction to Product Model
  • Product model basics
  • Primary patterns in the product model
  • Availability
  • New coverage availability
  • Grandfathering
  • Offerings

Week 5:

  • Coverable basics
  • Coverage pattern basics
  • Creating coverage categories
  • Creating coverage patterns
  • Configuring Coverage Terms
  • Coverage term basics
  • Creating coverage term patterns
  • Question set basics
  • figuring Underwriting Authority
  • Underwriting authority overview
  • Define underwriting issues
  • Underwriting approval process
  • Configure approval of underwriting issues
  • Configuring underwriting authority
  • Field Validation
  • Field-level validation in the data model
  • Field-level validation in the UI
  • Validation Rules
  • Validation rule basics
  • Validation levels and the validation graph
  • Create validation rules
  • Warnings and errors
  • Introduction to Gosu

1) Guidewire Certification:

Certification plays an essential role in the uplifting of one’s career. Companies are preferring to hire the candidates with the Guidewire Certification. Upon the completion, of course, you will get the course completion certification from the Svtechhub which plays an important role in placing you in a job, and the other one is an official certificate provided by Guidewire official site. There are multiple official certifications provided by Guidewire, which are:

  • Guidewire ClaimCenter
  • Guidewire Insurance Suite
  • Guidewire Policy Center
  • Guidewire BillingCenter

2) Which companies are recruiting Guidewire professionals?

Below mentioned is a list of top companies who are employing guidewire professionals.

  • Accenture PLC
  • Guidewire Software Inc
  • HTC Global Services, Inc.
  • Kemper Corporation
  • Cynosure, Inc.

3) Who can join this course?

This Advanced asset and insurance management suite can be learned by Freshers or aspirants who wish to learn Guidewire.


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I have trained on the Guidewire course from SVTechhub technologies. At the beginning of the course, I was unable to cope up with the lectures, but the trainer helped me to understand everything with real-time examples. The course content was very accurate and covered all the Guidewire topics. Interview questions provided by the trainer was helped me a lot in my interview process. Thanks to SVTechhub and the trainer for the best Training.

I have taken the Guidewire course training from SVTechhub. The classes were conducted on time and assistance from the support team was excellent. The trainer was very knowledgeable and informative. He explained All concepts in detail. Course content and the material they provided to me was very helpful. I want to thank SVTechhub and team for the excellent training.

Surabhi Sonam
The trainer was well versed with all the knowledge and delivered it perfectly. My experience with SVTechhub was excellent because of the course content and the best trainer I have ever seen. He covered all topics of Guidewire and with practical examples. Course content and the interview sessions were very helpful. I got the full value of training, and I am very much satisfied.