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  • No prior knowledge of HR business processes or Oracle Applications HCM knowledge is required
  • Basic computer knowledge is sufficient

Oracle Fusion HCM Course Overview

SVTechhub Oracle Fusion HCM training is crafted to cover all fundamental concepts of Fusion HCM. This Oracle Fusion HCM course covers all the essential concepts such as Oracle Fusion HCM, workforce structures, security, people management, etc. By the end of this training, you will gain hands-on experience with real-time use cases. Enroll now into the Oracle Fusion HCM certification course now and get certified.

About Oracle Fusion HCM Course

Oracle Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management) is considered as a technological breakthrough in human capital management. It is completely redefined the HR activities of business & built from scratch to help the organization in knowing the employees better, working as a team, and provides value to every person. Oracle Fusion HCM comes with the powerful inbuilt suite of applications which includes embedded intelligence, mobile accessibility, and social networking tools which enables the workers in completing their job easier and faster.

Despite choosing one module or the entire suite, HCM is designed to coexist with customers’ current applications portfolio to deliver creativity without disruption. Using Oracle Fusion HCM you can deploy your solutions on the public or private cloud.

Oracle Fusion HCM Course Objectives  

Q) What are the Learning Objectives of Oracle Fusion HCM online training?

In our Svtechhub’s Oracle Fusion HCM training, you will learn about:

  • Groups creation and rule definitions
  • Documentation
  • Reports
  • Implementing user creation
  • Payroll tasks
Q) Why should you learn Oracle Fusion HCM to grow your career?
  • Nowadays Oracle Fusion applications are growing rapidly and it is expected to continue in the future as well.
  • All the big corporations are hiring HCM professionals to handle organizational activities.
  • The average paycheck received by an HCM professional is $112,500 per year.
Q) What will you learn in this Oracle Fusion HCM training?

Upon the completion of this course, you will become an expert in the below concepts.

  • Organization setup with enterprise configurator
  • Workflow life cycle
  • Managing workforce structure
  • Assigning tasks using functional manager

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction of ERP On premise ERP Vs Cloud ERP

Fusion Security Concepts

  • Introduction of Role Based security
  • Different types of roles in fusion
  • Role Inheritance
  • Reporting on roles
  • Viewing duties roles to a particular role
  • Adding a role to a user
  • Creating new Role in Fusion
  • Diagnostic reports for a particular user and his roles

Oracle Cloud Global HR

  • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Overview
  • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
  • Oracle's Cloud Architecture

Introducing Oracle Fusion Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Planning an Implementation
  • Configuring Offerings
  • Generating Setup Task Lists
  • Assigning Tasks to Users

Define Geographies

  • Geography Model
  • Geography Structure
  • File-Based Import Process

Define Enterprise Structures

  • Establishing Enterprise Structures
  • Manage Enterprise
  • Creating Legal Entities
  • Creating Business Units
  • Establishing Job and Position Structures
  • Review and Load Configuration
  • Define Enterprise HCM Information
  • Define Legal Entities for HCM

Define Workforce Structures

  • Employment Model
  • Actions and Reasons
  • Defining Locations
  • Defining Organizations

Define Grades, Jobs, and Positions

  • Define Grades, Rates, and Ladders
  • Define Jobs, Job Families, and Positions
  • Define Flexfields

Manage Workforce Lifecycle

  • Add Person
  • Manage Employment Information
  • Transfer, Promote, and Terminate Workers

Maintain Worker Directories

  • Person Gallery and Portrait
  • Managing Gallery Portrait
  • Defining Worker Directory

Oracle Cloud Global Payroll


  • Implementing Global Payroll
  • Payroll Data Loading: Overview

Payroll Task Lists

  • Define Payroll
  • Define Earning and Deduction Definitions

Payroll Product Usage

  • Payroll Product Usage
  • Setting Payroll Product Usage

Profile Options

  • Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option
  • Viewing and Editing Profile Option Values

Pay Frequency

  • Pay Frequency Components
  • Consolidation Group Usage
  • Payroll Definitions
  • Managing Payroll Definitions
  • Creating Payroll Definitions
  • Using Time Definitions for Severance Pay
  • Restricting Payroll Processing
  • Object Groups

Fast Formulas

  • Using Formulas
  • Writing a Fast Formula Using Formula Text
  • Writing a Fast Formula Using Expression Editor
  • Formula Compilation Errors

Balance Definitions

  • Payroll Balance Definitions
  • Balance Dimensions
  • Balance Feeds
  • Balances in Net-to-Gross Calculations
  • Balance Exceptions
  • Creating a Balance Exception Report


  • Element Classifications
  • Elements
  • Element Eligibility

Earnings and Absence Elements

  • Creating Earnings Elements for Payroll
  • Creating Payroll Elements for Absence Management
  • Creating Elements for Time Card Entries
  • Net-to-Gross Earnings
  • Creating a Net-to-Gross Earnings Element


  • Creating Voluntary and Pre-statutory Deductions
  • Creating Elements for Pension Deductions
  • Entering Calculation Values for Pensions
  • Adding Involuntary Deductions to a Calculation Card
  • Fee and Proration Rules for Involuntary Deductions
  • Involuntary Deduction Processing

Proration and Retroactive Pay

  • Payroll Event Groups
  • Setting Up Element Proration
  • Prorated Earnings and Deductions
  • Creating a Proration Formula
  • Retroactive Pay
  • Adding a Retroactive Event Manually

Rate Definitions

  • Rate Definitions
  • Creating Rate Definitions
  • Using the Rate Calculation Formula

Payment Methods

  • Bank, Branch, and Account Components
  • Creating Account
  • Entering Bank Information for Personal Payment Methods
  • Organization Payment Methods
  • Payment Methods and Payroll Definitions
  • Setting Up Payment Sources in Organization Payment Methods
  • Third-Party Payment Methods

Payroll Process Configuration

  • Payroll Process Configuration Groups
  • Payroll Process Configuration Group Parameters
  • Payroll Logging Parameters
  • Parallel Processing Parameters

Security Profiles

  • Creating Payroll Security Profiles
  • Payroll Flow Security and Flow Owners
  • Creating Payroll Flow Security Profiles

Oracle Cloud Absence Management


  • Implementing Absence Management
  • Absence Management Components
  • Worker Availability Lookups, Value Sets, and Flexfields
  • Lookups
  • Flexfields and Value Sets
  • Flexfields


  • Using Formulas
  • Formulas for Absence Type Rules
  • Formulas for Accrual Plan Rules
  • Formulas for Qualification Plan Rules
  • Writing a Fast Formula Using Formula Text
  • Formula Performance Improvements
  • Formula Compilation Errors
  • Formula Execution Errors

Eligibility Profiles

  • Eligibility Components
  • Derived Factors
  • Derived Factors
  • Range of Scheduled Hours
  • Eligibility Profiles
  • Eligibility Profiles
  • Combining Eligibility Criteria or Creating Separate Profiles
  • Creating an Eligibility Profile Rate Definitions
  • Rate Definitions
  • Creating Rate Definitions


  • Define Elements, Balances, and Formulas
  • Elements: How They Work in Salary, Absence, Benefits, and Payroll

Date Effectivity

  • Date-Effective Objects in Absence Management
  • Date Effectivity
  • Correcting Date-Effective Objects
  • Updating Date-Effective Objects

Absence Plans

  • Absence Plan Types
  • Accrual Absence Plans
  • Qualification Absence Plans

Absence Types, Reasons, and Categories

  • Absence Management Components
  • Absence Display and Processing Rules
  • Absence Start Date Validation Rule
  • Absence Late Notification Assessment Rule
  • Associating Concurrent Absence Plans with an Absence Type
  • Prioritizing Absence Plans for an Absence Type
  • Creating an Absence Type for Scheduling Vacation Time

Oracle Cloud Talent Management:

  • Overview of Talent Acquisition
  • Overview of Career and Succession
  • Overview of Learning and Development
  • Overview of Performance Management

1) Oracle Fusion HCM Certification:

Getting certified in SaaS - HCM Cloud helps you gain more, quicker, with minimal resources. It helps you in gaining new skills to create a better employee experience which in return benefits company and customers. And also you will become the most demanded person among your peers in this field.

Different certifications available in HCM are
  • Global human resources cloud
  • Talent management cloud
  • Workforce reward cloud
  • Workforce management cloud

2) Which companies are recruiting Oracle Fusion HCM professionals?

  • ACI Worldwide
  • ArcLight Consulting
  • Corporation Service Company
  • Drivestream Inc
  • eVerge Group
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Peloton Group
  • Vitas Healthcare

3) Who can join this course?

  • Whoever wants to build their career as an Oracle Fusion HCM Consultant
  • Consultants who are working on Oracle eBiz applications


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I had enrolled with SVTechhub technologies for the Oracle Fusion HCM course. The course content and the explanations provided by the trainer were very good. The trainer was well paced and very flexible. He was highly competent. Interactive classroom sessions and well-designed course structures were an added advantage. I appreciate the support that the SVTechhub team provided at the training period.

Sheetal Reddy
I have done Oracle Fusion Training from SVTechhub technologies. The trainer has excellent practical & industrial knowledge which helped me to understand his lectures very easily. I had some doubts about online training, but I clarified it with the SVTechhub online sessions. Classes were so interactive and had a chance to participate in the discussions. More importantly, the trainer provided some external sources for learning new concepts. I would recommend this institute for those who want to learn Oracle Fusion HCM course.

I was in search of the best institute to learn the Oracle Fusion HCM course, one of my friends suggested to me SVTechhub technologies because she had a good experience with this institute earlier. I joined this institute and I completed it. At the initial stage of my training, I could not able to compete with the other students but the trainer was very helpful and he motivated me to perform my best. Now I can confidently say that I will clear my interview. I would like to thank SVTechhub technologies for the best training.