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Best Selenium Online Training in Hyderabad

SV Tech Hub is an online IT training provider offering training on various IT technologies. Selenium is an web based automatic testing application. With Selenium online training learner will learn automation testing, advantages of automation, difference between automation and manual testing, features of selenium tool, understanding of objects, learning commands in IDE, create a java project in eclipse tool, configuration of eclipse IDE with selenium, handling windows, configuring browsers and more.

SV Tech Hub providing quality Selenium training with experienced faculty with support for students and employees. We offer free demo sessions on Selenium course by real time working professionals. Once join our free demo sessions and decide further.

Who Should Take Selenium Training Course

  • Aspirants looking for permanent jobs in IT companies
  • Aspirants looking to start their career as fresher
  • Students willing to start their career as professional
  • IT professionals who is willing to switch their career to testing field

If you are looking for best Selenium training in Hyderabad, then we are perfect choice for you. We provide real time training by working professionals and hands on training. We offer online training on various IT technologies, we have trainers with good experience, we provide job oriented online training.

  • Selenium course Highlights
  • IT training in all technologies
  • Real time job assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume Preparation
  • Certification based training will be provided
  • 24x7 support from trainers
  • Job assistance with fortune 500 companies
  • All our trainers are experts and professionals in their respective fields
  • All our training sessions are online
  • We use best we meeting tools to provide quality training
  • Attend classes from your home at your convenience
  • Will provide all classes recordings
  • Provide more practical approach
  • Complete in-depth study material will be provided

SV Tech Hub provides placement focused selenium online training. Our selenium testing tool includes basic to advanced level of course and is developed to get placed in MNC once you complete the course.

Introduction to Automation:

  • What is automation testing
  • When to go for Automation
  • Different Automation Tools
  • Advantages of Automation
  • Criteria for Automation
  • Difference between Manual and Automation Testing

Introduction to Selenium:

  • What is selenium tool
  • Features of Selenium tool
  • Comparison of Selenium with other tools

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Introduction to Selenium IDE

  • Recording the scripts using IDE
  • Saving the scripts and running
  • Understanding of the objects
  • identification of Elements using id, name
  • Difference between Test case and test suite
  • Language supported by IDE
  • Synchronization in Selenium IDE
  • When to use Selenium IDE
  • Learning commands in IDE
  • How to put validations (assert, verify)

Eclipse IDE for Java & Selenium

  • How to download Java & Eclipse
  • How to Create new java project in Eclipse tool
  • How to create a new java class in project
  • Running java class
  • Viewing the results of java program

Introduction to Java programming:

  • Data Types in Java
  • Declaring Variables
  • Operators
  • Functions / Methods
  • Writing java program and running
  • Conditional Statements
  • If condition
  • If else condition
  • If else if condition (nested if)
  • Switch case statement
  • Examples for all the above topics
  • Loop Statements
  • While loop
  • Do while
  • For loop
  • Examples for all the above topics
  • Array
  • How to declare array
  • How to store values in array
  • Reading values in array

Object Oriented Programming features

  • Class
  • How to create class
  • Object
  • How to create object for the class
  • How memory allocation happens for object
  • How to access methods using class
  • Constructors


  • Types of polymorphism
  • Compile time polymorphism
  • Method Overloading
  • Run time polymorphism
  • Method Overriding
  • Using Super keyword


  • What is Inheritance
  • Advantages of Inheritance
  • How to reuse the fields and methods of super class
  • Overriding fields and methods of parent class

Types of Inheritance

  • Single Inheritance
  • Multi level Inheritance
  • Using super keyword

Static Keyword:

  • Static Variable
  • Static Method
  • Static Block

Abstract class and Interfaces:

  • What is Abstract class
  • What is Abstract Method
  • What is Interface
  • Difference between class and interface
  • When to use Interfaces

Encapsulation and abstraction:

  • What is Encapsulation
  • What is hiding data and why to hide data
  • Using access specifiers
  • Public
  • Private,
  • Protected
  • Default


  • What is package
  • How to create a package
  • How to import package into a different class


  • Use of collections
  • Advantage of collection using ArrayList
  • How to add, remove, and insert values /elements into collections

Exception handling:

  • What are exceptions, errors
  • How to handle exceptions
  • Using try and catch blocks
  • Types of Exceptions
  • Using of throws
  • Throw
  • Throwable

Final Keyword:

  • Final Variable
  • Final Method
  • Final Class

Web Driver:

  • Introduction to WebDriver and futures
  • Configure Eclipse IDE with selenium
  • Identifying elements in WebDriver using
  • Id
  • Name
  • Link
  • Xpath
  • CSS
  • How to recognize duplicate elements
  • How to recognize dynamically changing
  • Using FirefoxDriver
  • Working with Different Elements and programming
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Buttons
  • Buttons
  • Links
  • Selecting values from a Dropdown list in webpage
  • Working with Table Elements
  • Reading data from Table
  • Working with Mouse Actions
  • Handing keyboard, mouse events

Data Driven Testing

  • What is Data Driven Testing
  • How to parameterize the data using Excel
  • Reading, writing data into Excel

Handling Windows

  • How to handle multiple browsers
  • Handling alerts
  • Handling windows alerts using Auto IT

Configuring other Browsers:

  • IE browser
  • Chrome browser
  • Running scripts on different browsers

TestNG Framework:

  • What is TestNG
  • TestNG Annotations
  • Create TestNG.xml file
  • Groups
  • Running TestNG script
  • Reporting Results

Selenium Grid:

  • Introduction
  • RemoteWebDriver
  • Congiguring hub
  • Configuring node
  • Running scripts on remote computer


  • Build Life Cycle
  • What is ANT
  • How to create Build.xml
  • Building using ANT
  • Running Test Suite from ANT using Testng.xml

Automation Frameworks:

  • Data Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Page Object Model
  • Hybrid Framework


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Seela Sunkara
SV Tech Hub is best online training institute. Here you will experience professional way of training, practical sessions and indepth knowledge regarding Selenium concepts. I thank and personally recommend SV Tech Hub for those who want to learn things practically.

Munaveer Usman
I never though learning Selenium course would be easy. I sincerely thank SV Tech Hub for beautiful training. Highly interactive sessions and great real time examples. I got knowledge everything which is required to become an expert in Selenium.

Hi guys, I am a selenium student for SV Tech Hub. Trainer teaching style is good. He always provide 100% effort to provide in-depth knowledge with real time examples. So we can get knowledge in easy manner.